Ruotsin Teosto CC lisensseihin

Teoston ruotsalainen sisarjärjestö STIM tarjoaa tekijäasiakkailleen mahdollisuuden lisensoida ei-kaupallisilla CC lisensseillä. STIM seuraa tanskalaisen KODAn ja hollantilaisen Buman esimerkkiä. Saa nähdä milloin Teosto rohkaistuu. Tilausta näyttäisi tällaiselle rinnakkaislisensoinnille olevan. Toisaalta Teosto on sen verran jähmeä, että sääntöjen ja asiakas-sopimusten muutamisessa menee useita vuosia vaikka tahtoa löytyisikin.

STIM first in Sweden with Creative Commons licence

STIM, the Swedish Performing Rights Society, is the first rights
organisation in Sweden to offers its members the opportunity to sign
a so-called Creative Commons licence (CC) for a trial two-year
period. The licence enables creators to release individual works for
non-commercial use.

“STIM is a listening, modern and solution-oriented organisation,”
says Ingrid Herrström, head of STIM’s member services. “We’ve come
to realise that there’s a demand for CC licences amongst some of our
members. We do what our members want us to do, and so we’ve reviewed
our agreements and decided that we can try it out to see how it
works. STIM doesn’t want to get in the way of our members if they
work in certain ways.”

This CC licence allows a STIM member to choose which songs are to be
freely usable by a charity gala or in a non-commercial blog, for

However, there is much that a creative musician should bear in mind
when using this licence model. A CC licence is permanent and cannot
be cancelled. STIM can therefore not resume its monitoring

activities in non-commercial contexts, as defined by the CC.

“If a creative work covered by a CC licence goes on to become a hit,
it can be difficult to obtain royalties from its use and
reproduction in commercial contexts as well,” says Ms Herrström. “It
will also be difficult to define non-commercial use and, in each
case, distinguish it from commercial use.”

For further information, please contact:

Ingrid Herrström, head of Member Services, tel: +46 (0)8-783 88 88

Susanne Bodin, head of Communications, tel: +46 (0)8-783 88 18