RIAA perääntyy tiukan kirjeen jälkeen

Kaliforniassa käytävässä SONY v. Merchant jutussa RIAA perääntyi jutusta saatuaan tiukkasanaisen kirjeen puolustuksen lakimies Merl Ledford kolmannelta. Kirjeessä Ledford mm. uhkasi vastakanteella ellei RIAA jätä hänen asiakastaan rauhaan. Alla muutamia valittuja paloja kirjeestä:

It is well documented that your clients’ reliance on MediaSecurity (an admitted “non-expert;” UMG v. Lidor, East Dist NY No. 1:05-cv-01095-DGT-RML) and its overall method of identifying P2P copyright infringers is wholly unreliable and inadequate.

“Your client take the position that my middle-aged, conservative clients should speculate regarding the identity of persons your clients’ claim used their AOL account to download pornographic-lyric gangsta rap tracks as predicate to possible case resolution. In an age of Wintel-virus created bot-farms, spoofs, and easily cracked WEP encrypted wireless home networks (among other easy hacks), the only tech-savvy response to such a request is, “You’ve got to be kidding.”