District court: Distributing .torrent link is infringing

We received a decision from Tuusula district court this morning:

Uploading just a .torrent file without distributing the work it self constitutes distributing the file itself. The defendant had downloaded .torrent file from other filesharing network (lets use piratebay as an example) and changed the secondary name to point to Finreactor. Court acknowledged that he never downloaded the copyrighted file. The people who downloaded the .torrent file from Finreactor ended up downloading the file through piratebay tracker. The Finreactor tracker (torrentbits) kept number how many times the files were snatched and the court used that number to multiply the amount of damages. It awarded plaintiffs 10% of the original demands 1300 € plus 5000 € for attorney fees.

Torrentbits showed some anomalies that were not visible with other users. For example it had hard time showing who was the user responsible for first uploading.