Received a letter from Hedman Partners, Njord Law, Filmia, or Adultia? We can help.

Thousands of Finns have received a copyright enforcement letter from Hedman Partners, Adultia Oy, Filmia, and Njord Law. In the letters the law firms propose an out of court settlement for copyright infringement.

The recipients have two options:

  1. Prepare for a trial.
  2. Settle the case.

Trial: The rights owners need a court decision to enforce their claims. In 2015 the rights owners took only few cases to courts. However, the attorney Joni Hatanmaa has publicly stated that they will file more cases in the future.

If you decide to not settle, and end up getting sued – contact an experienced lawyer. Our law firm is the most experienced law firm in Finland when it comes to copyright infringement trials. We have represented several defendants in Finnish landmark copyright cases. We have also helped our clients negotiate cases in the pre-trial phase.

Settle: We have negotiated settlement deals for hundreds of clients. Our online service helps you to provide us the required information for us to start the negotiation process. We provide a risk free legal service with the most experienced copyright lawyers in Finland.

You can start the negotiation process by filling in the web form below. We will negotiate a deal for you. Our fee is based on the saving we manage to get you. The fee is 50% of the savings with minimum of 200€ (inc tax).

Palvelumme löytyy myös täällä.

  1. Lawyer on YOUR side Having a copyright lawyer negotiating the matter ensures that you get the best possible agreement.
  2. Save time Fill in the form and we will handle the rest. 5 minutes could save you hundreds of euros or more.
  3. Pay less We have saved thousand of euros for our clients. Even after paying our fee, you will benefit using our service.
  4. Risk free Our fee is based on the outcome of the negotiation. If we fail to reduce the settlement amount, we will not charge you.
  5. Worry free We will make sure that you will get a binding agreement which stops the right owners taking the case to criminal or civil trial. You can sleep your nights easy.
  6. You are not guilty The agreement is not an admission of guilt. We will make sure there will be no markings to the criminal registry or other listings in public registries.
  7. Payment Missed the deadline for the original payment? We will negotiate a new payment day as part of the agreement.
  8. Stop letters We will make sure that the rights owners have no other claims regarding their rights for the prior actions.
  9. Ease of use We collect feedback from our clients. The online service has the best customer satisfaction rates.